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Submission Guidelines

Myles Publishing Company publishes several fictional and non-fictional titles each year. These may be business & finance, real estate, inspirational, consumer health, self-help, economics, urban novels or audio books.

If your proposed title fits one or more of the above categories, you may send your proposal to:

Submit a Proposal and Audience/Market Information


  1. A one-page overview of the book

  2. Please include as much of your manuscript as you have prepared, but at least the table of contents and 1-2 sample chapters (typed, double-spaced, and paginated).

  3. A chapter-by-chapter outline

  4. Number of photos or illustrations

  5. Your name, address, email address and phone number.

  6. Author's background/credentials (what special background do you bring to the authorship of this book?)

  7. Target completion date of the complete manuscript, We would need the final submission in both paper and electronic formats

  8. How many printed, double-spaced, 8.5 x 11 pages do you estimate the complete submission will take?

  9. Competition. Are there any other books already published that might compete with this book? How will your book be better than those? How are they priced and how do you suggest pricing your book relative to those?

  10. Market/audience information. Who is your reader and buyer? For whom did you write the book? Are there certain organizations and institutions to which the book would be of interest? If so, please identify them and their membership size, if possible. Answer in detail, each of the questions below.


  • What is the market for your book and how many potential buyers?

  • Who wants this book? Who is the reader/audience/target market? Why does the typical reader want and need the book?


  • How will this book benefit and help the buyer?

  • What need does it fill for your target market?


  • What books are in competition?

  • What makes your book different from similar books? Does your book have more information? Is it more comprehensive, easier to use? What advantages does it have over the competition? Why will people buy it instead of something else?

Note: Please do a data base search for competing titles through -- the largest online book store with more than one million titles in its data base. Report your findings in your proposal.


  • What are your specific marketing ideas for the book?

  • List any special markets your book may have outside of book stores.

  • Detail how sales could result from your contacts-- associations, organizations, corporations, groups, workshops, seminars or speaking engagements?

  • Which magazines or professional/trade journals may review your book or print articles by you which in turn promote the book?
    How willing are you to be active in marketing your book?

We will contact you within 30-45 days after we receive your proposal with an Acceptance, Rejection, Request for more Information.

Due to the amount of queries we receive daily, our editors are not available for phone interviews.

Enter the Production Process


Every book follows a slightly different production schedule, but they all have one thing in common: Myles Publishing Company gives each manuscript individual attention and works hard to ensure quality at every stage. The following sections will give you an idea of what you can expect after you submit your manuscript:

  • An Author Contract

  • A Production Schedule

  • Copy Editing

  • Design and Cover

  • Proof Review

  • Front Matter

  • Index

  • Printing and Binding



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Myles Publishing Company
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164 Robles Way #237
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Customer Service:
886-500-8884 ext 200

Fax: 707-653-1077


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